Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Running From the Rain

Today the only thing that I was running from was the rain! As I left work to pick up all three kids it was pouring. The kind of rain that sucks when you have pick up kids and put them in carseats.
First stop was to pick up the boys! Not too bad!
Next stop was the grocery store with the boys. It was raining cats and dogs when got there. We got out and I swear that I closed the door. I drive a minivan and I love it. Number one reason why, my automatic doors. So easy. However today they let me down. I guess I didn't press the button or something because when we came back to car after splashing in all the big puddles, we found a huge puddle in Ian's carseats. I am not exaggerating. Needless to say he wasn't happy to get in he seat. I dried it out with a sweater that I left in the car but it really didn't do much. I wrestled Ian into the seat as I stood outside the car. At this point I was totally soaked and had a screaming kid in a very wet seat!
From there I got Ashley! Again getting wet as I put her in the car! At this point I didn't even care.

We were all loaded into a very wet car and went home! Ian did calm down but said that he was VERY wet.
I got everything inside including the carseat.

This is me after the adventure.  The picture doesn't really show you how wet I was.  I had rain dripping from my glasses and my hair was so wet in the back that I could have gotten out the hairdryer and dried my hair!
The running from the rain part stops there but my crazy afternoon doesn't.  I came home to had had an accident and threw up!   She has diabetes. So sad!

I did finish off my crazy afternoon by spending an evening with a great friend.  We made yummy stuffed peppers!

It might seems that I am complaining. I am not. I love my kids and someday I know I will miss standing in the rain buckling them into their seat.
It seems funning that even though I didn't get to run today I still did run.  Just not the way that I had planned.  I was planning on getting up early run however I didn't! Not because I laid in bed and was too lazy to get up because usually I end up getting up because I know that I will be mad at myself. I didn't even have the chance to think about it because I woke up so late.  I will see how tomorrow goes!! I am hoping to run tomorrow morning. Better stop doing this and go to bed!

~ From a runner who was running from the rain while making memories with my kids!

Do you love the rain?      Yes, but only in the summer when it is warm rain!
Did you ever leave the car door or window open before?  Yes

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