Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fortune Cookie!

Monday night we had Chinese food for dinner! I had forgotten to take the meat out, Dave wasn't home and the boys had been begging for Chinese food so I gave in and got it! My fortune cookies was great, especially for this week. I saved it. It reads: success is going from failure to failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm. Why is that a good fortune for me this week, well yet again I didn't run today. I woke up late and tired yet again so another failure! I could have run after school but I didn't just didn't want to. Just wanted to get my kids and hang out with them. I am not too concerned. It's not such a big failure. I mean I got to hang out with my awesome kids. I haven't lost my enthusiasm! I will run again, it just might not be until Saturday. Oh we'll no big deal!!

~From an enthusiastic runner who hasn't run since Sunday

Did you ever save a fortune from a fortune cookie?

Here are my kids! Yes, Ashley is in Xmas pjs but I am not too concerned, they fit her and she is still super cute! The only way I got the boys to pose for me was to bribe them with the brownies that we made after school! The picture turned out great and the brownies are super yummy!

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