Sunday, March 10, 2013

Princess Half Marathon Recap-Really Late!

I hope that I can remember everything from my trip, it almost seems like it was so long ago.  But here is is...

The race begins at 5:35 in the morning.  VERY early!!  The night before the race I was back to the hotel by 9:00 after having a great dinner in Epcot.
I got everything all laid out for the race...I was all set to go.

I set two alarms for 3 am and went to sleep.  I did sleep until about 2:15.  Then I laid in bed tossing and turning and at about 2:50, I got up, shut off the alarms and started getting ready.  I left my room about 3:15 to get the bus at 3:30.  I sat next to a women you was running her first Princess Half Marathon as well.  We chatted the whole way to Epcot.  I think that we go to the parking lot about 3:45.  

I hung out with my new friend Sarah, in the parking lot for a while.  There were lots of people, a DJ blasting music and excitement in the air.  I was feeling confident and really wasn't worried.  I was ready to run.

It didn't seem long before they announced that people needed to start walking to the corrals.  They sent corrals A-C first...that was me.  I was in corral A!  I showed my proof of time at the Expo and they moved me from E to A!  I was super intimated being in corral A but I think now I am happy that I was in A.

I knew that it was a walk to the corrals.  The Mickey Miles Podcast told me that it was going to be a 20 minute walk to the corrals and yes it was.  It was really cool to walk and check out what it was like behind the walls of Epcot.  I didn't see much at all but I still thought it was cool.  Sarah and I split up when we got to the corrals.  I walked to corral A.  Everybody was excited, dressed up and ready to run.  Time did seem to pass quickly.  I think is was because there was so much people watching that could be done.  I did see, Heather whose blog I read daily walk up towards the start line.  I wanted to yell, "Hey, there is Heather" but I didn't!  I didn't want to be that person.  Check her blog out here, Through Heather's Looking Glass.

After that it just seemed like it was time to start.  The Fairy Godmother got us started and at 5:35 we were off, fireworks and all!!
The minute I started running I knew that I was going to need to go to the bathroom but I so didn't want too.  I think that the first couple of miles I spent thinking about going to the bathroom so finally I pulled off and used a port a potty which were basically everywhere.  After the bathroom I was ready to run and just kept on going.  There were places to stop and talk pictures plus volunteers cheering us on.  I was excited to see the toll booths welcoming us to the magic kingdom.
 It is a long way from the toll booths to the actual Magic Kingdom!  I kind of forgot how far it was but I just kept on going.

Then it happened...the most magical moment of the whole race.  Making the turn into the actual Magic Kingdom.  The first thing I noticed was that I could smell yummy food from Tony's Town Square.  I thought that was a little strange to smell food at 6:30 but that was quickly a forgotten thought because there is was, Main Street.  Main Street was filled with spectators cheering and waiting to see their loved ones run up the street.  This was a totally amazing feeling.  Absolutely the most amazing feeling I have ever felt in a race before.  I tried really hard to take it slow, again some more words of wisdom from The Mickey Miles Podcast, I remember Michelle (I think)  saying that she walked down Main Street so she could really remember it.   I did ask some random person to take my picture so I could really remember it.  Here it is, my favorite picture from the race.

 After running up Main Street I immediately knew that I wanted to do that again.  Yes, there will be another  runDisney race!!  While I was running in the Magic Kingdom I stopped to take pictures with the characters and in front of the castle.


After leaving the Magic Kingdom and another bathroom stop,  I was ready to get to the finish line.  I didn't find the course to be overly crowded.  There were people always running near me but I hardly felt like people were in my way.  There were just a few times when I felt boxed in but I was easily able to get around.  The run back to Epcot was fine, nothing too exciting.  I did stop one more time to take a picture with an solider.  (I thought the boys would think that was cool!)  I was feeling really good.  I wanted to pick up the pace once I got into Epcot but I didn't know how far I had left so I just keep going. I guess though I did pick up the pace a bit.  Crossing the finish line was great.  I was so happy to see Royal Mickey and Minnie.  A perfect ending to a wonderful race.  Even better the fancy!!!

 Here I am after running 13.1 miles in 2:26:35!  I really was feeling great!  Tired but happy!!!

I met up with my parents, got some apparel at the runDisney merchandise tent and celebrated my accomplishment.

From there I got my bus back to my resort.
This was a great race.  So much fun!

Yes, I am obsessed with Disney but this race is yet another reason why I am love going to Disney all the time.  It is plan and simple, Disney never lets me down.

Now all I can think about is when my next runDisney race will be.   Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be Marathon Weekend 2014!


Although I was on the Magical Express back to the airport when I took this picture, I was really a happy princess!

A great weekend with an awesome race which all took place in the happiest place on earth!!
Wish they had a race in 37 days...because I am headed back to Disney!!

~A race recap from a runDisney fan!

Have you ever run a  runDisney race?  Do you want to run one?
What was your best moment during a race?
Do you have a place that you visit that you are totally obsessed with?

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