Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Recap Jan. 22-Jan. 28

Weekly Recap!!!

Another week done and I am feeling great!  I went to a party last night and someone asked me if I was going to run the race(the Princess Half)...I was so surprised by the questions I didn't know what to say.  I said of course I am going to run!  I was training and I really don't think that it could be going much better.  I am really dedicated this time around.  I am getting to pumped to run at Disney.  I am reading and listening to all these Marathon Weekend Race recaps and it gives me so much motivation.  I am also pumped to go on vacation myself, which is something that I have never done before.  Don't get me wrong I love my husband and kids but I am really looking forward to getting away by myself!  (If you can call it going by myself.  My parents will be in Disney at the same time but I am not staying with them.)
With that here is my week:

Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  4 Miles
It was so COLD!!!  I asked my wonderful neighbor if I could use her treadmill.  After I had Little I, I bought a treadmill but never really got back into running.  The treadmill is just not fun!  After the treadmill sat forever we decided that we would sell it!  We did!  Now that I am back into running would it be easier if I had treadmill...yes!  But I don't think that I would really use it!  I love to run outside and after running on the treadmill the other night I am 99% sure that I would not be running on the treadmill.  It was my fastest 4 miles ever but it really felt like the longest!!!  Next time it is that cold I would just put on some more layers!!
Thursday: 2.4
Friday: 4.40
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 8.08
Monday: 3.07  Today was supposed to be a nice easy recovery run.  However it snowed today.  We got out of school early which meant that I could run during the day...always a plus!  It had been snowing for about 3 hours when I went out for my run.  I came out into the family room all dressed in my running clothes and my husband looked at me and said you are nuts.  But I said, what am I going to do, miss a run?  I don't think so plus I was pumped to run in the snow! I have spikes that I attach to my shoes but they really didn't do much.  There was about 2 fluffy inches of snow on the sidewalks.  The edges of the road where slushy.  I ran on the side of the road for most of the run but had to move to the sidewalk during parts.  It was fun to be out in the snow, to feel the snow or little ice balls hit your face and I am sure that every car that went passed me gave me funny looks!!  Even though my nice easy recovery run turned into a much harder run that I had thought...I am glad that I did it, even if people think I am nuts!!

Miles this week: 21.95
Total Miles this year: 71.45

Here is the plan for next week or week 7 of the 10 week plan!
Day 1: 4 miles
Day 2: 3 miles
Day 3: 4 miles
Day 4: 9 miles
Day 5: 3 miles

I am feeling good and ready for week number 7!  I can't believe how quickly this is approaching!  I am so excited!!!

Oh by the way I got an ifitness ultimate running belt to solve my problem of carrying my phone.  I am going to trying on my four mile run on Wednesday, if it is good then I will use it this weekend!

I also ordered a BUFF!

~Recapping my excellent week from a runner finding her happy pace

Weekly Recap. Jan.14th-Jan. 21st

Week 5 Completed which means I am half way to the Princess Half!!

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.09 miles
Wednesday: 2 miles
Thursday: 3.1 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest-Not by choice but couldn't get my run in because Dave had a band event all day which meant I was home with the kids all day!
Sunday: 7.28 miles

Here I am after the 7 miles...I feel like I look the same in all these pictures.  
Monday: 3.13 miles

Total Miles this week: 18.6 Miles
Total Miles this year: 49.5

Another week completed and I am feeling good.  The seven miles felt good.  The weather was great.  I did run up some big hills on the run. (I had to walk a bit!) Even with the walking though I am taking time off of all of my runs!

I got new socks this week!  I have just been wearing whatever socks I pull out but after the 7 miles I could feel that I was getting some blisters on the arches of my feet so I went and got some socks.  I had a credit at the running store which was even better.  I wore them today on my 3 mile run and they felt great!

Next week the weather looks okay but COLD!!!  I know that it is going to be hard to drag myself out of bed this week but I will be needing too because Dave is out three nights again to it looks like morning cold running is in store for me!!!!

Here is week 6:

Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 4 Miles
Thursday: 2 Miles
Friday: 4 Miles
Saturday: Rest...but I might need to do my long run on Saturday because we are going to the casino on Saturday night so I am not sure if I am going to want to run my 8 miles after a night out.  I will see how I am feeling from the weekday runs. 
Sunday: 8 Miles
Monday: 3 Miles

My newest to carry my iphone for the half in Disney!  I have never carried my phone with me because I have an ipod touch and that is all I ever needed but in Disney I am going to want to take pictures so I want to carry my iphone.  When I went to the running store I looked for an arm good!  It didn't get tight enough, it was hard to get the phone in and out and it seemed so annoying.  I tried a pouch thing that I got for XMas...but it is no good.  It was bouncing all over the place and at one put I was moving it and it fell right off!  So I am doing some research to figure it out!  I want to get it sooner than later because I need to first try it on a short run and then try it out on a long run.  I am thinking that I am going to get an ifitness belt and a spibelt.  I am off to do some more research on both so I can order one!

Do you carry a phone with you when you run?  How do you carry it?  Any advice??

~Week 5 recap from a runner finding her happy pace

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekly Recap!! Jan. 7-13th

Week 4 completed for the Princess Half Marathon!!!

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 2 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 4 miles

Total miles this week: 15
Total miles this year: 31

I felt really good this week!  All of my runs have been faster than when I was training for the Hartford Half!  I am not really worried about time for the Princess Half because I want to just enjoy it!  However  for the other races I will be thinking PR!

As for other races I have made some decisions about what I am going to do!
The next race after the Princess that I have registered for is a race in memory of Sandy Hook!  I am a teacher and Newtown not far my house at all!  I have driven through Newtown many times.  The race,
Sandy Hook Run for the Families will be in March.  I don't like to run 5K's because I am slow and feel like I am coming in last, but the cause is way more important than worrying about my time!  A group of teachers are going to walk/run this together!  I am really looking forward to this race and with my times getting faster I might actually really try to run this race to see how fast I can run a 5k.
Next up will be the CheshireHalfMarathonand5K.  This race is right in the town that I live in and the course follows many of the roads that I run on.  Sounds fun to me.
The last race that I registered for is the UnitedHealthcare Triple Crown.  This means that I signed up for 3 half marathons all in RI: one in May, then July, and last in October.
I have registered for 5 half marathons so far for 2013...only 2 more to goal to reach my goal.  I think that this is very doable!!
The next big decision that I have made is that I am not going to run a full marathon in 2013 but I am planning on doing the Disney Marathon in 2014.  Maybe I will do the Goofy...if I am Goofy enough.

Okay what is on the schedule for next week:

Day 1- 3miles
Day 2- 2 miles (hard)
Day 3- 3 miles
Day 4- 7 miles
Day 5- 3 miles

~Weekly Recap from a runner finding her happy pace

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brain is Racing

Today was not the kind of day that I had planned on!  But as my mom told me life is a bunch of interruptions!!  So anyway I was not teaching today because I needed to take little A and I to the doctor for their 15 month and 4 year well visits.  However, little A's appointment turned into a sick visit.  The poor little girl is so congested.  Her eyes are swollen and junk is coming out of them.  It is not pink eye just a really bad cold.  The doctor gave her some medication which I hope will make her feel better.  So instead of taking the boys to school, taking A to the doctor and then dropping her off at daycare, so I could go for a nice mid-day run I brought my baby home. (This is when my brain started racing but I will get to that!)  Which meant that I would be running later on in the day after I brought I to the doctor (I did AWESOME at the doctor and is now ready to go to  I so didn't want to run.  BUT I am so happy that I did.  The training plan called for 3 and let me tell you I think those might have been the best 3 miles that I have run in a long time!

So here is the part which is causing my brain to race...I am trying to figure out what races I want to run this year!  I can't figure out if I want to run a marathon this year or not.  I would really like to get more half marathons under my belt!  I love the half marathon distance!! One of my goals is to run 7 half marathons so by the end of the year I would have 10 half marathons completed, which I think sounds cool!!  I also think about running a marathon but then I think about maybe I should wait and have my next marathon be the Disney marathon, which would be totally awesome.  I am running the Princess Half marathon in February and would LOVE to get my coast to coast medal which would mean I need to go to Disney Land over Labor Day but I am not sure I can swing that!  I so want to do it all!  So as my mind races about what races I want to run at least I am having good training runs which means great races to come in 2013!

Races that I am sure that I am going to run:
Princess Half Marathon Feb. 24
Sandy Hook Run for the Families 5k March 23rd
Cheshire Half Marathon April 30th

Races I am thinking about:
Triple Crown of running: 3 Half Marathons located in RI
Danbury Half Marathon
Surftown Half Marathon
Iron Horse Half Marathon
Philadelphia Marathon or Half Marathon

Choices, choices...but for right now I am going to be grateful that I have the ability and drive to run.

Are you finding it hard to choose what races you want to do?  Any suggestions?

~Thoughts from a runner finding her happy pace

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Recap!!! Dec.31 - Jan. 6

Weekly Recap!!! Dec.31 - Jan. 6

Here we go!!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles at my parents house-First run of the year!!!

Wednesday: Rest-Dave came home on Wednesday from the trip to Disney with his band so instead of heading out for a run we had some much needed family time!!!

Thursday: Almost 3 miles- Ran with Sari at Hubard Park!  It was cold but a fun run because we were able to talk!

Friday: Little over 2 miles-Ran at Hubard Park but without Sari!  Friday night little A was SO cranky, I was having to hold her most of the night until she went to bed.  After putting her to bed my hip was KILLING me!  I stretched it and took Advil but it was really bad!

Saturday:  6 miles-I woke up and was thinking that I wouldn't run because my hip had hurt so bad last night.  I took a shower and adjusted my running plan for the next week.  When I got dressed I put a one of my running shirts.  After being in my running shirt, looking at the temp. outside and the beautiful weather I decided that I wanted to run.  I did and my hip felt really good!! Here I am after 6 miles:

Sunday: 2 mile recovery run!  A quick fun run!!
All in all a good week!!

Total Miles This week: 16 miles
Total Miles for the year: 16 miles

Next week's Plan is the following:
Day 1- 3 Miles
Day 2- 2 Miles
Day 3- 3 Miles
Day 4- 3 Miles
Day 5- 4 Miles

Looks like the weather this week will be good again!  It will not be so cold this week and I don't see a chance for rain and snow to impact my running!
Next weekend I think that I am going to register for some races...working on my goal to run 7 half marathons this year!
What races are you planning to run this year?

~Another weekly recap from a Runner finding her Happy Pace

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 1 Jan.

My goals are posted and I am on my way!!

I never really introduced myself so let me do that.  I am 33 years old.  I am a wife, married to my high school sweetheart.  We met in 8th grade band.  We have three kids.  Two boys, J-5, I-4 and a sweet little girl you who is going to be 15 months who I will call A.  I am a teacher by day, a mom and runner by night, well early morning for the running part.  I try hard to get my butt out of bed in the morning so I can get my runs in before I start my busy day.  If I am lazy I then get in my running at night.  I started running the summer of 2012 after a LONG break from running.  In 2005 I ran my first marathon and after that I said that I would never run again.  After having three kids I needed to do something.  I was doing Zumba and don't get me wrong I loved going to Zumba the problem was it only happened at certain times and those times I either couldn't make it or it was right in the middle of our family time.  I needed something that I could do when ever so I started running again.  It really started during our family vacation to Disney World (WE LOVE DISNEY!!!) I thought that if I signed up to run the Princess Half in Feb. of 2013 then I would be able to go to Disney again.  When we returned home form Disney in early July I signed up, started running and haven't stopped since.  I even ran the Hartford Half in Oct., which I had done in 2001.  Now that I have been running for 6 months I remember why I was a runner before.  Running helps me to be a better person.
Now I have plans and goals all centered around running!  I am happy to call myself a runner again!!

I never got to write down what I needed to get done this week, so here it is!  You will have to wait and see if I get it all done until the weekend.  

Day 1- 3 miles
Day 2- 2 miles
Day 3- 3 miles
Day 4- 6 miles
Day 5- 2 miles

The weather is dry but COLD!!!  I am really liking all the items that I got for running in the cold.  So far it is keeping me warm.

~Just another note from a Runner finding her Happy Pace