Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still Grading Papers

Well after last nights post I went downstairs and I had a plan to grade, grade, and grade.  However all I did was organize the papers that I needed to be graded.  That was all that I did.  Tonight I did read and grade some stories.  SUCCESS!!

In terms of running I didn't!  I have this DUMB cold and I didn't sleep again last night.  :(  The plan was go get up early and run.  4 miles isn't a long run but to run 4 miles before work is long, especially when I am home with the kids after school by myself.  It just makes for a LONG day.
I will run 4 tomorrow and hope that on Friday and Saturday I will be able to get the other runs in before my last long run on Sunday.  11 miles!
SNOW!! SNOW!! SNOW!!  They say that it is coming.  15+ inches of snow!  I will be excited to have that much snow but I don't want anymore snow days!

Must go grade more papers!!  Really need to find time to grade papers at school.

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