Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Outside Run in a Week

Today was the first run I have done outside since the Blizzard hit!  It has been warmer this week so the snow has melted a bit, but the piles are still about 1 foot to a foot and a half high.  It really wasn't bad when the cars would drive by.  I didn't feel squished like I thought I was going to feel.  

I also realized that I have been by myself without kids for over a week!!!  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was home with my three wonderful kids due to the Blizzard and then Thursday and Friday it was back to school.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my kids and I love being a teacher.  ( Well this is kind of a lie because I forgot that I did do some runs on the treadmill and ran to the store and doctor by myself!) However today's run  is a reminder of why I love to run.  It gives me my me time.  Having a 5, 4 and 1 year I don't get much me time.  Maybe when I take a shower but most of the time that is interrupted.  Of course at school I get my preps and lunch but I always have WAY too much to do that I never just sit and get a moment of  peace.  Again this is why I have fallen in love with running.  
I mean what is not to love about these three!  They are the best!!!!!

Here are some of the random thoughts that I had on my run today:

Running Solo vs. Running with people
   Not really sure about this one.  I think that I would like to find a running buddy however I don't always want to run with someone because then I don't get my me time.

What to pack:
   I am leaving for Florida on Friday in the very early hours of the morning.  I haven't really even thought about what I am going to pack, or what I am going to wear for the half.  I really need to get started on this.

Warmer Weather:
  I can't wait to run in Florida.  The weather is going to be warmer.  I have really done a great job running through these cold months.  I never thought that I would stick to it but I did!  Go Me!!

Eating and Drinking:
  I need to drink more water!!!  Let me repeat that, I need to drink more water!!!!!!!!

Okay I had so many more thoughts but now I can't remember them and I have been invaded by the kids.  I hardly write these last sentences.  Oh again...I have fallen in love with running because it gives me my me time and yes I love my kids and would do anything for them but I do need my me time so I am ready to pulled in all the directions that they pull my in...get my an envelope, get me lunch...I want cereal and the crying of a waking Ashley is calling my as well as the shower.
Off to be a mommy, who has had her five miles of me time for the day.

~a mommy running in all directions finding her happy pace

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