Monday, February 11, 2013


Okay so I am sure that most of you know but we got hit with a BLIZZARD!  I would say that we had about 30 inches of snow fall.
This past week kind of sucked for the whole running thing.  During the week I just couldn't seem to get my runs in.  But this weekend I kind of made up for it!

Friday-SNOW DAY!  I got up early and was ready to go running before the snow started...that however didn't happen.  As soon as I was getting my gear ready and on it started to snow.  Not hard but it was snowing.  I headed out not knowing how far I would go.  I knew that I at least wanted to go 4 and was really happy when I ended up going 7.1.  I know that all this running is really paying off because 7 miles seemed so easy!!!  Even though it was running and I basically had to look at my feet for the whole run I had a great run.  By the time I got home there was about an inch or so on the ground.

Saturday...NO RUNNING ANYWHERE...I think the picture says enough!

Dave and Ian trying to find out driveway!
Here is Ashley...just because she is so cute!

Sunday...11 plus miles on the treadmill!!!  I ran 11 miles on a treadmill and I have to say it wasn't so bad, I just did it.  I tried not to think about it I just put the treadmill on 6 MPH and went.  I don't know exactly how far I went but I could figure out that I at least went 11.  Here is what happened.  I was wiping my face when I lost my balance and I shut the treadmill off with the safety.  When I turned it back on it didn't show how far I had gone and I couldn't remember exactly what time I started running.  I knew that it was sometime between 12:20 and 12:40.  I texted Dave at 12:41 to tell him that the plows were coming, which was really exciting because we had been plowed in for over 24 hours.  So to figure that I at least ran 11 miles because I stopped running at 2:25 so if I started at 12:35 and went o 2:25 that would be 11 miles.  I can't believe how great I felt.

Monday-SNOW DAY!!  My run today was a recovery run of 3 miles but I ended up doing 5.1!!  I was again on the treadmill.  I don't know when I will ever be able to get back out there and run outside.  The piles of snow are so high and the roads are still not good.  I am hoping by this weekend I will get back outside but the weather forecast doesn't look good.

Tomorrow should be a rest day.  I will see.  I might take advantage of running because I have yet another snow day.

Total miles for the week  23.8
Total miles for 2013  116.17

This week coming up...starting to taper! The race is in 13 days!!!

Tuesday: Rest but maybe I will run again to get ahead of the game.
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 7 miles
Monday: 3 miles

~A snowy recap from a runner finding her happy pace!

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