Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow Day Number 4 and Sick!

I am home again!!!  This is the 4th snow day due to the blizzard of 2013!  I am really hoping that we will be back in school tomorrow and Friday and then we have a whole week off for Feb. vacation.  I feel like I haven't been to school in forever!  

I have had this silly fool cold now for about a two weeks and today I had enough so I went to the doctor.  The sinus pain was just too much.  I did get medicine so I should be feeling better soon.  

Now as for running.  Yesterday was a rest day and today I should be running 5 miles however I am going to continue to rest!  I am thinking that I will run again either Friday after school or Saturday!  I know that I will be fine with the race so I am not going to push it too hard!!

Just heard...SCHOOL tomorrow!!!!!! 

Off to make dinner...I hope my kids eat it!

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