Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Recap Jan. 22-Jan. 28

Weekly Recap!!!

Another week done and I am feeling great!  I went to a party last night and someone asked me if I was going to run the race(the Princess Half)...I was so surprised by the questions I didn't know what to say.  I said of course I am going to run!  I was training and I really don't think that it could be going much better.  I am really dedicated this time around.  I am getting to pumped to run at Disney.  I am reading and listening to all these Marathon Weekend Race recaps and it gives me so much motivation.  I am also pumped to go on vacation myself, which is something that I have never done before.  Don't get me wrong I love my husband and kids but I am really looking forward to getting away by myself!  (If you can call it going by myself.  My parents will be in Disney at the same time but I am not staying with them.)
With that here is my week:

Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  4 Miles
It was so COLD!!!  I asked my wonderful neighbor if I could use her treadmill.  After I had Little I, I bought a treadmill but never really got back into running.  The treadmill is just not fun!  After the treadmill sat forever we decided that we would sell it!  We did!  Now that I am back into running would it be easier if I had treadmill...yes!  But I don't think that I would really use it!  I love to run outside and after running on the treadmill the other night I am 99% sure that I would not be running on the treadmill.  It was my fastest 4 miles ever but it really felt like the longest!!!  Next time it is that cold I would just put on some more layers!!
Thursday: 2.4
Friday: 4.40
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 8.08
Monday: 3.07  Today was supposed to be a nice easy recovery run.  However it snowed today.  We got out of school early which meant that I could run during the day...always a plus!  It had been snowing for about 3 hours when I went out for my run.  I came out into the family room all dressed in my running clothes and my husband looked at me and said you are nuts.  But I said, what am I going to do, miss a run?  I don't think so plus I was pumped to run in the snow! I have spikes that I attach to my shoes but they really didn't do much.  There was about 2 fluffy inches of snow on the sidewalks.  The edges of the road where slushy.  I ran on the side of the road for most of the run but had to move to the sidewalk during parts.  It was fun to be out in the snow, to feel the snow or little ice balls hit your face and I am sure that every car that went passed me gave me funny looks!!  Even though my nice easy recovery run turned into a much harder run that I had thought...I am glad that I did it, even if people think I am nuts!!

Miles this week: 21.95
Total Miles this year: 71.45

Here is the plan for next week or week 7 of the 10 week plan!
Day 1: 4 miles
Day 2: 3 miles
Day 3: 4 miles
Day 4: 9 miles
Day 5: 3 miles

I am feeling good and ready for week number 7!  I can't believe how quickly this is approaching!  I am so excited!!!

Oh by the way I got an ifitness ultimate running belt to solve my problem of carrying my phone.  I am going to trying on my four mile run on Wednesday, if it is good then I will use it this weekend!

I also ordered a BUFF!

~Recapping my excellent week from a runner finding her happy pace

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