Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brain is Racing

Today was not the kind of day that I had planned on!  But as my mom told me life is a bunch of interruptions!!  So anyway I was not teaching today because I needed to take little A and I to the doctor for their 15 month and 4 year well visits.  However, little A's appointment turned into a sick visit.  The poor little girl is so congested.  Her eyes are swollen and junk is coming out of them.  It is not pink eye just a really bad cold.  The doctor gave her some medication which I hope will make her feel better.  So instead of taking the boys to school, taking A to the doctor and then dropping her off at daycare, so I could go for a nice mid-day run I brought my baby home. (This is when my brain started racing but I will get to that!)  Which meant that I would be running later on in the day after I brought I to the doctor (I did AWESOME at the doctor and is now ready to go to Kindergarten...wow).  I so didn't want to run.  BUT I am so happy that I did.  The training plan called for 3 and let me tell you I think those might have been the best 3 miles that I have run in a long time!

So here is the part which is causing my brain to race...I am trying to figure out what races I want to run this year!  I can't figure out if I want to run a marathon this year or not.  I would really like to get more half marathons under my belt!  I love the half marathon distance!! One of my goals is to run 7 half marathons so by the end of the year I would have 10 half marathons completed, which I think sounds cool!!  I also think about running a marathon but then I think about maybe I should wait and have my next marathon be the Disney marathon, which would be totally awesome.  I am running the Princess Half marathon in February and would LOVE to get my coast to coast medal which would mean I need to go to Disney Land over Labor Day but I am not sure I can swing that!  I so want to do it all!  So as my mind races about what races I want to run at least I am having good training runs which means great races to come in 2013!

Races that I am sure that I am going to run:
Princess Half Marathon Feb. 24
Sandy Hook Run for the Families 5k March 23rd
Cheshire Half Marathon April 30th

Races I am thinking about:
Triple Crown of running: 3 Half Marathons located in RI
Danbury Half Marathon
Surftown Half Marathon
Iron Horse Half Marathon
Philadelphia Marathon or Half Marathon

Choices, choices...but for right now I am going to be grateful that I have the ability and drive to run.

Are you finding it hard to choose what races you want to do?  Any suggestions?

~Thoughts from a runner finding her happy pace

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