Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Recap!!! Dec.31 - Jan. 6

Weekly Recap!!! Dec.31 - Jan. 6

Here we go!!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles at my parents house-First run of the year!!!

Wednesday: Rest-Dave came home on Wednesday from the trip to Disney with his band so instead of heading out for a run we had some much needed family time!!!

Thursday: Almost 3 miles- Ran with Sari at Hubard Park!  It was cold but a fun run because we were able to talk!

Friday: Little over 2 miles-Ran at Hubard Park but without Sari!  Friday night little A was SO cranky, I was having to hold her most of the night until she went to bed.  After putting her to bed my hip was KILLING me!  I stretched it and took Advil but it was really bad!

Saturday:  6 miles-I woke up and was thinking that I wouldn't run because my hip had hurt so bad last night.  I took a shower and adjusted my running plan for the next week.  When I got dressed I put a one of my running shirts.  After being in my running shirt, looking at the temp. outside and the beautiful weather I decided that I wanted to run.  I did and my hip felt really good!! Here I am after 6 miles:

Sunday: 2 mile recovery run!  A quick fun run!!
All in all a good week!!

Total Miles This week: 16 miles
Total Miles for the year: 16 miles

Next week's Plan is the following:
Day 1- 3 Miles
Day 2- 2 Miles
Day 3- 3 Miles
Day 4- 3 Miles
Day 5- 4 Miles

Looks like the weather this week will be good again!  It will not be so cold this week and I don't see a chance for rain and snow to impact my running!
Next weekend I think that I am going to register for some races...working on my goal to run 7 half marathons this year!
What races are you planning to run this year?

~Another weekly recap from a Runner finding her Happy Pace

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